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  • Tiny loveseat

    Tiny loveseat

  • Braided Rainbow Mile-A-Minute

    Braided Rainbow Mile-A-Minute

  • Braided Rainbow (close-up)

    Braided Rainbow (close-up)

  • Blue Luster-Sheen pullover sweater

    Blue Luster-Sheen pullover sweater

  • [7/11/2003] Mile-A-Minute baby afghan

    [7/11/2003] Mile-A-Minute baby afghan

  • Variegated summer pullover

    Variegated summer pullover

  • Pansy doily

    Pansy doily

  • Homespun afghan.

    Homespun afghan.

  • Penguin


  • Pillowghan


  • Pillowghan (folded up)

    Pillowghan (folded up)

  • Pineapple mat

    Pineapple mat

  • Pineapples and hearts doily

    Pineapples and hearts doily

  • Pineapple Christmas tree

    Pineapple Christmas tree

  • Pink rose Irish-crochet doily

    Pink rose Irish-crochet doily