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Welcome to my crochet gallery. These albums contain photos of the crochet work I've done over the years.

DISCLAIMER: While I have done my best to include the sources of all patterns whenever I could, some books may be out of print or may have changed from edition to edition. All pattern sources shown are accurate as of the time I posted them. If I am informed of a change to the publishing status of a book or its contents, I will post it, but for the most part, once I buy a book or leaflet, I don't pay much attention to its availability after the fact unless someone calls my attention to it. So you're advised to check with the publisher on whether a pattern is still in current editions of a given book.

A NOTE ABOUT PATTERNS AND COPYING: Please do not email me asking for copies of patterns. I have done my best to provide as much info on pattern sources as I can, but I cannot be constantly making copies for people, much as I would love to help you out, because it's both time-consuming and illegal. The few items in these pages that were actually designed by me have links to the patterns; the rest are copyrighted by others and therefore are not mine to give away.

Due to a very large amount of "comment spamming" on this gallery, I have disabled all commenting. It sucks that a few idiots have to ruin it for everyone, but that's the way it is.