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bunny1.jpg BunnyThumbnailsSeesaw bunnies (other side view)BunnyThumbnailsSeesaw bunnies (other side view)

The seesaw has a music button hidden in its base. These bunnies were very quick to make since they're only about 6" tall; I finished the whole thing -- bunnies, clothing and seesaw -- in less than a week. The seesaw is made of a plastic canvas base (filled with navy beans to give it weight; the book suggested unpopped popcorn, but the beans were what I had and they work fine), and a ruler covered in plastic canvas for the board part. The whole thing has a crocheted cover, of course. Everything else is just plain worsted-weight yarn stuffed with polyester fiberfill, including the seesaw handles. They are now happily see-sawing in my mom's house. Pattern Source: Leisure Arts leaflet #2474, Musical Cute Couples to Crochet. The leaflet is also available from Country Yarns.