Basic Information | Holland Tunnel | George Washington Bridge | At the Terminal
Basic Information:
The simple version of how to get to the dock for the wedding is to go to the USS Intrepid Museum. The Zenith is docked in the next berth over, and the parking for the Zenith and the Intrepid is the same. Here's a map of the location. One useful navigational aid is the ship itself; we were able to easily see the cruise line's logo from 20 blocks away. Just look for the Big White X.
From the Holland Tunnel:
Try to stay to the right going into the tunnel and bear left after you exit.  Follow the signs to 9A and West Av. (West Side Highway). When you reach 9A, turn right and drive up toward 55th St., but turn right before you get there onto any of the cross streets close to, but below, 55th.   Take the first left you can (onto West End Ave.) and then turn left onto 55th.  Take 55th back to the West Side Highway (there will be signs for the Passenger Terminal).  Turn left at West Side Highway, but bear right immediately to enter the ramp for the terminal/Intrepid parking.  You will not actually be getting back onto West Side Highway here, but crossing it directly and entering the parking area.
From the George Washington Bridge:
Take the GWB to Rt. 9A South (West Side Highway). Follow this to 55th St., bear right and drive up the ramp for the  Terminal. If you pass the Intrepid, you've gone too far.
New York Passenger Cruise Terminal at 55th and West Side Highway:
At 55th,   At the top of the ramp, stay left to avoid people unloading passengers. At the end of the terminal get right and go up the ramp to parking. Do not go back to the street.

At the top of the ramp, take a ticket from the machine, give it to the person in the booth and pay them.  They don't know why it's done this way either. Then park in the first lot to the left and head down into the terminal.  Parking is $15 for 10 hours, by which time we'll be well on our way to Bermuda.  If you're really feeling adventurous, check out the Intrepid after the wedding!