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  • Hot-air balloon ornament

    Hot-air balloon ornament

  • basil.jpg


  • basil_oregano_catnip.jpg


  • Yarn basket

    Yarn basket

  • Fishing bears

    Fishing bears

  • Fishing bears (opposite side view)

    Fishing bears (opposite side view)

  • Hanging Bells

    Hanging Bells

  • Butterfly filet doily

    Butterfly filet doily

  • Billie Bunny

    Billie Bunny

  • Close-up of Woven Squares Pullover

    Close-up of Woven Squares Pullover

  • Blue Star

    Blue Star

  • Blue summer pullover

    Blue summer pullover

  • Guestbook cover

    Guestbook cover

  • Filet bookmark

    Filet bookmark

  • bugs_002.jpg