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Pineapple pullover [6/11/2002] I decided I really wanted to use some of the tons of white Luster Sheen that I bought when I thought I was going to make my wedding dress out of it. I wanted to make a short-sleeved top with an open, lacy pattern; though I found lots of possibilities, none of them really excited me. The one I found that I liked was actually a long-sleeved top made of size-10 thread, with a flat (straight across) neckline, so as you can see below, I adapted it to work with the thicker Luster Sheen and made it short-sleeved and V-necked. The result came out quite nice; below is a picture of the whole top, as well as a close-up of the pineapple pattern. Pattern Source: The original pattern is from <a href="" target=books><i>Crochet Fantasy</i></a> #111, November 1996. To check if they have the back-issue available for purchase, call (800)877-5527 or visit their website. I did not write down directions for my changes; however, once I figured out that the basic pattern requires a starting chain of a multiple of 23 stitches plus 4, it was easy to adapt as the pattern is very repetitive.