Blue fuzzy sweater

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Blue fuzzy sweater [10/25/2003] I actually made this a couple years ago and just now noticed that I never put it on my page! I got this weird fuzzy blue yarn at a yarn sale in NJ (actually, I also got the wool-blend burgundy I used in the sweater just above this at the same sale). I didn't include a detail picture here because the yarn is so fuzzy that you really can't see the individual stitches anyway. Pattern Availability: I did this so long ago that I'm not absolutely sure (and the stitches are so hard to see that I can't tell by looking), but I <i>think</i> this pattern was from <a href="" target=books>Leisure Arts</a> leaflet #2514, <i>Back to Basics: Crochet Pullovers and Cardigans</i>.