Basketweave pullover

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Basketweave pullover [1/19/2004] This was my first attempt at making a clothing item freeform, using a basic stitch but no actual pattern. Except for the fact that I crochet pretty tightly and therefore always end up getting the size wrong (this is very tight on me, so I ended up giving it to my mother, who's smaller than I am), it came out really nice. I used a basketweave stitch done by doing 4 front-post dc alternating with 4 back-post dc. I did it in rounds so I didn't have to sew -- worked from the bottom up, then did rows starting from the armpit, and decreased at the neckline to give it almost a V-shape. I slip-stitched the shoulder seams and crocheted the sleeves right onto the body rather than making them separately and sewing. I have since made another for myself. Pattern Source: Original. I did not write out the pattern, just free-formed it.