"Anastasia" afghan

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"Anastasia" afghan [11/20/2005] I made this one for a friend. It was kind of a bear; the border is made separately from the afghan and then sewn on, and my gauge must have been off because the border was way too big. I managed to attach it anyway. Also, I ran out of yarn about 3/4 of the way into the border and bought a new skein...and the color was very obviously different despite the fact that it was a "no dye lot" yarn. Once I found the right shade, I had to rip back and redo it. <b>Pattern Source:</b> American School of Needlework's leaflet #1129, "Afghan Elegance" by Ann Kirtley. <a href="http://www.countryyarns.com/" target=books>Country Yarns</a> carries it.